P.S. My Sunday morning – me on fluffy carpet with coffee in one hand and magazine in the other:)

There is not enough we can say about power of colour in our lives. Strong and bold or soft and easy hues; whatever you like to be surrounded by or to create with. I am planning a little project to work on, so last weekend I have been in search of inspiration, trying and mixing colours, creating mood boards, taking photos – you name it.

I have an amazing imagination (I like to think I do anyway) but I like to play with actual items to see how colours, textures and patterns mix to find the perfect combination and let’s be honest, it’s relaxing and fun too. This is how I put my ideas and thoughts together so I can move on to the next stage – Preparation. I will keep you posted…




I absolutely love being off on Sunday. Starting with the fact that you can be a little bit lazy in the morning and stay in bed longer through having big, fatty breakfast to going to the flower market. If you also get a sunny day, you can without a doubt call it a perfect Sunday. I definitely don’t go to the Colombia Road Flower Market enough as if you haven’t been there yet, it’s a great place, area to spend a day and enjoy its quirky and unique atmosphere.


Even you are not – weirdly some people are not 🙂 – a fan of fresh, beautiful flowers; that’s fine as there is a lot more do to there. I have done a post already on Colombia Road Flower Market back in March last year so please find a link for it below for more photos:

Most importantly as much I hope you enjoy this post; please go, visit and enjoy it yourself. Don’t forget to discover the area and get lost in the little streets around it too. Buying fresh flowers is just a small part; make a day of it to remember and share with others.



Hi all, I hope you didn’t forget about Pancake Day. It is one of those dates in the calendar that you don’t want to miss. I am a big fan of pancakes and make them a few times a month at least but they always taste extra delicious on Pancake Day. Also, you can and should get carried away  and don’t think ‘should I go for sugar, honey, jam, fruit, lemon, yoghurt or…’ , use it all.

Emi gave us a recipe for pancakes back in October so please check if you haven’t seen it yet.

It’s delicious, healthy and most important so easy to prepare. I am celebrating Pancake Day in style, going all for it. Have an amazing day and week everyone.





This post has been growing in our heads for quite some time now. We wanted to show you us, Natalia and Emi – the faces and voices behind JSNA. We are all about feeling positive, creative, enjoying every day, love and sharing our passions to inspire and be inspired. It hasn’t been easy for us to meet up recently as we live in different countries but two weeks ago it all came to life. We both went to Poland for a few days and had an absolutely amazing time despite cold, snow and very little blue sky.

Poznan is an amazing city with so much to discover, delicious Polish cuisine on every street and amazing shops. Enjoy our small tour of Poznan. We are looking forward seeing you more on JSNA in 2016 which we have big plans for. More posts to follow…






2016 HERE WE GO!

Hi everyone:) I am hoping you had an amazing Christmas, well deserved sleep and family time. I had a magical time with my parents being over, delicious foods, fabulous presents and rest – a lot of it. Now, batteries charged, head full of new ideas and I am all ready for 2016. Are you? Only recently I had lunch with my friend who was telling me how sad and down she gets at the start of every year. I felt so sad and sorry for her as I always can’t wait for New Year – fresh start, new adventures, plans, ideas to draw into life, the unknown, new career paths, new people to meet… I could go on and on and on.

So my message for all of you out there; don’t be scared, be excited for 2016, take the most of it from the very 1st of January – love, smile, share, learn, motivate and enjoy every moment of it xxx




I don’t know about you but I am always busy. My day is too short. It’s less than 2 weeks to Christmas. I can’t change my daily routine too much but I still need to include some activities and traditions that Christmas brings. My favourite is baking and decorating Christmas tree. Get your kids involved by helping out in the kitchen and making their own Christmas decorations. We made with my little one, gingerbread cookies this year. They are delicious and easy to make. You can use pretty much anything that you have in the kitchen to decor them.

Check out my Instagram for more photos.

Have fun! Emi x