Summer is finally here. This amazing feeling when you can wear sleeveless tops, dresses, shorts and actually be warm and not just wearing it because calendar shows it’s July so if not now then when!?! Summer clothes are only half of the fun – think of barbeques, picnics, beer gardens, weekend trips to the beach…, doesn’t it make you smile straight away:)

Remember don’t waste any minute as with our geographical position, sunny days come and go like a wind. Enjoy every second of outdoor season, load your body with vitamin D but responsibly with a sun cream – burns are neither healthy nor classy. I know we are all very busy with our lives but pack a blanket, magazine, healthy snack and whenever you can and find yourself a green spot.

P.S One rule only – phones down, quick photo or two if you really have to but after that just do what you always want to do but never have time for. Relax.


photo 23


I absolutely love being off on Sunday. Starting with the fact that you can be a little bit lazy in the morning and stay in bed longer through having big, fatty breakfast to going to the flower market. If you also get a sunny day, you can without a doubt call it a perfect Sunday. I definitely don’t go to the Colombia Road Flower Market enough as if you haven’t been there yet, it’s a great place, area to spend a day and enjoy its quirky and unique atmosphere.


Even you are not – weirdly some people are not 🙂 – a fan of fresh, beautiful flowers; that’s fine as there is a lot more do to there. I have done a post already on Colombia Road Flower Market back in March last year so please find a link for it below for more photos:

Most importantly as much I hope you enjoy this post; please go, visit and enjoy it yourself. Don’t forget to discover the area and get lost in the little streets around it too. Buying fresh flowers is just a small part; make a day of it to remember and share with others.



Hi all, I hope you didn’t forget about Pancake Day. It is one of those dates in the calendar that you don’t want to miss. I am a big fan of pancakes and make them a few times a month at least but they always taste extra delicious on Pancake Day. Also, you can and should get carried away  and don’t think ‘should I go for sugar, honey, jam, fruit, lemon, yoghurt or…’ , use it all.

Emi gave us a recipe for pancakes back in October so please check if you haven’t seen it yet.

It’s delicious, healthy and most important so easy to prepare. I am celebrating Pancake Day in style, going all for it. Have an amazing day and week everyone.




2016 HERE WE GO!

Hi everyone:) I am hoping you had an amazing Christmas, well deserved sleep and family time. I had a magical time with my parents being over, delicious foods, fabulous presents and rest – a lot of it. Now, batteries charged, head full of new ideas and I am all ready for 2016. Are you? Only recently I had lunch with my friend who was telling me how sad and down she gets at the start of every year. I felt so sad and sorry for her as I always can’t wait for New Year – fresh start, new adventures, plans, ideas to draw into life, the unknown, new career paths, new people to meet… I could go on and on and on.

So my message for all of you out there; don’t be scared, be excited for 2016, take the most of it from the very 1st of January – love, smile, share, learn, motivate and enjoy every moment of it xxx



So it’s you again, we missed you. Autumn is really here, together with all the charm. There are a lot of reasons not to like this time of the year: cold, wind, rain and so on but I like to think about it as: vibrant colours of nature, cosy evenings at home, endless cups of tea and coffee.

To make sure that you enjoy the Autumn to the fullest please follow some ground rules and stick to these at home:



photo 111


It’s time to make our homes ready for this season. Every room is as important so use rich colours, prints and patterns. They will help you to relax and get ready for cuddling inside. Please also do not be afraid of spending as much time outside as possible.

Sometimes you might really not feel like leaving your home to go out to the cold but dress warm and I promise you will enjoy it. There is something really magical about an Autumn trip to the forest or your local park. Emi is always up for that with her family.



I am not sure about you guys but I love to travel. Yes, it can be tiring but there is no better way to get inspiration, meet new people, discover different culture than to get away for few days. It really doesn’t have to be expensive as you don’ t straight away have to go to the other side of the globe.

Even weekend away can be great for you, in the country you live. What’s important is get away somewhere that you haven’t been before. Leave your comfort zone and do things that are not normally in your everyday/ weekly routine patch. I always try to go somewhere every two months, even if it’s just for a day.

I hope that you will enjoy photos from my Berlin getaway.