September is here in interiors, fashion and everywhere else around us. I know that many of you are worried that summer is over, Christmas stations are already in department stores, days are shorter, evenings are colder… I am not here though to bring us down but focus on the bright and good side of Autumn and there is plenty.

I am very excited about making my home all cosy and ready to give the warmth and relaxation needed over cold months. In my decor calendar, my living room is still an ongoing project (like the rest of the apartment anyway) but it’s one on the top of the list. I have picked some of my favourite items that I have seen so far as magazines, catalogues and shops are filled with Autumn vibes. I will share more with you in the coming weeks and months. As for now, here are my September inspirations from Barker and Stonehouse, one of the best interior shops in London.



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When decorating our homes, we have endless possibilities to choose between; different themes, colours, patterns, textures… which is amazing but on the other hand very intimidating as well. Most of us have a idea of the look we would like to create, getting there can be long but don’t worry as it’s very creative and fun too.

I’ve always thought that I like Scandinavian design and I still do but I realised that I like to look at it more than I would like my home to look like it. I am a cold person by nature (feet, nose – yes I am one of these people), I also live in London where warm days and evenings are rare. You will never see me laying and tanning in the sun but I like to be surrounded by warm colours associated with sun, fire, heat and warmer temperatures.


Starting with neutral flooring, walls, big pieces of furniture and using warmer hues in soft furnishing and decorative items is the best way to not over do this look. Patterns and different textures are also a great way to bring in more interest and fun.

As I’ve mentioned in my posts before I love creating mood boards. I have put together one just for this post to show my style and what inspires me. It’s a small sneak into my home of which I hope to share more and more with you.





Our homes say a lot about our personality, taste and who we are. I always thought that wherever you live, you should surround yourself with items that you love, make you smile, remind you of your travels and different periods in your life. Whether you own, rent or only share your living space, you should try to create a home feeling with these little wonders.

No space will ever feel complete without a collection of accessories, decorations, gadgets that you have been collecting along the way. Anything you buy or inherit should feel special to you and might not necessarily be to everyone’s taste or go along with current trends but if it feels like you then hold on to it.

My favourite homes when I search through magazines or online are the ones that tell a story, not with the furniture but with the little things that are on them, walls, bookcases, desks, dining tables etc.

Don’t be afraid to let your little wonders tell the story.




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P.S. My Sunday morning – me on fluffy carpet with coffee in one hand and magazine in the other:)

There is not enough we can say about power of colour in our lives. Strong and bold or soft and easy hues; whatever you like to be surrounded by or to create with. I am planning a little project to work on, so last weekend I have been in search of inspiration, trying and mixing colours, creating mood boards, taking photos – you name it.

I have an amazing imagination (I like to think I do anyway) but I like to play with actual items to see how colours, textures and patterns mix to find the perfect combination and let’s be honest, it’s relaxing and fun too. This is how I put my ideas and thoughts together so I can move on to the next stage – Preparation. I will keep you posted…



2016 HERE WE GO!

Hi everyone:) I am hoping you had an amazing Christmas, well deserved sleep and family time. I had a magical time with my parents being over, delicious foods, fabulous presents and rest – a lot of it. Now, batteries charged, head full of new ideas and I am all ready for 2016. Are you? Only recently I had lunch with my friend who was telling me how sad and down she gets at the start of every year. I felt so sad and sorry for her as I always can’t wait for New Year – fresh start, new adventures, plans, ideas to draw into life, the unknown, new career paths, new people to meet… I could go on and on and on.

So my message for all of you out there; don’t be scared, be excited for 2016, take the most of it from the very 1st of January – love, smile, share, learn, motivate and enjoy every moment of it xxx




This post has been growing in my head for the last few months. To be more precise, since the very first time I have seen the photo of one of the most unique, quirky and inspiring shops – Luma. Someone very important to me has taken this photo and sent it to me with a message: ‘I thought of you when I saw this place’. Since then I have been planning to visit it for a long time but there was always something else that came up. Last Sunday, I finally got on a train to Barnes and this post is to show you what Luma is about.

I am not going to write an ‘About’ story as I hope that you will check the website, read it yourself and even more importantly visit it. Whether you are looking for a unique present for your friend or thinking of redecorating your home in New Year, either way you are on the right track. I decided to pick my favourites and through photos, show you what I like about it. Check out my Instagram for fantastic photos of the Christmassy feel outside of the shop.

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