Hi Guys!
I’m so excited to share some fitness plans, tips and inspiration with you!

Let’s talk about Abdominal:)

“Flat ABS are made in the Gym and in the KITCHEN!”:) Truth? Truth.
You can work them out every single day and it’ll have very little impact on how they look.
ABS are direct result of clean eats ( like: lean protein, healthy fats, whole food, smart carbs) and of course cardio.
Remember! Nutrition is an important component of staying fit and being active.
You need energy to workout:)

Challenge yourself!

First: Do the Plank test. How to do the perfect Plank? ( Check my video on Instagram) This exercise helps you to bulid strength in your core, upper and lower body. YOU DON’T NEED ANY EQUIPMENT.Good luck!😊

Tomorrow – lunch menu:)





Hi everyone! I am not sure about you but although I had a crazy and busy day, I feel great, motivated and happy. That’s why I want to share some ideas of my healthy routine with you. I will be adding more tips and posts soon so keep checking.


1. Workout at the park – play with your kids. Try some playground workouts and make it a friendly competition between you to see who can do more.

2. Set goals for yourself and your kids. Even small goals are a great way to keep everyone motivated.


3. Pre-plan your workouts – set aside 30 minutes at home or find a gym with childcare.

4. Eat healthy – pack your own healthy lunch so you avoid fast-food during your breaks.

5. Drink plenty of water – natural water with no sugars or artificial flavours. If you need a little bit more taste, try a slice of lemon, lime or orange.


6. De-stress – exercise is an excellent stress reliever. Try some basic Zumba Fitness or Yoga and gradually move to the next level.

7. YOU are awesome so love yourself. Believe and feel it.