In my previous post, I have been talking about keeping all those extra items nicely hidden but today we want the lovely rest to be proudly displayed to tell their own story. I have always been a big fan of bookcases; library style built-in cabinets, free standing shelving units, big and tall or small and compact… What is a better place to keep in sight your beloved possessions, favourite books, presents gathered over the years, inherited items or just all these pretty things that somehow ended up in your home.

If you own your place and can afford a built in bookcase then go for it, as it can truly transform a room and become an impressive focal point. Looking for a free standing option suitable for renters – not a problem as they can easily follow you to another home and are more budget friendly. You can compromise on size and price without giving up on the overall effect. There are plenty of different options. Let’s get inspiration from these lovely homes and display it all.

Photos source from the top – Windsor Smith Home, Marika Meyer Interiors, Windsor Smith Home, Real Simple, Erinn V Design Group, Lonny Magazine

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