Don’t we all just have too many things in our homes? YES. Would you even notice if some of these would disappear overnight? NO. Is it time to let some go? YES. Start planning, clean up now and make it happen in a few weeks or months time. As for now make sure that all these lovely things are stored neat and tidy without collecting dust or even worse being a hazard to everyone.

How to do that? BASKETS. There are plenty of storage options from wardrobes, sideboards, trunks, under bed storage… but we are not talking about those. We want inexpensive, temporary solutions, something that won’t break your bank and will still work. Baskets are a great way for keeping things together, out of sight if necessary or just right there handy when you need them. You can pretty much have them in every room of your home. Another great thing is that baskets are so easy to move around and they wont’ give you furniture dilemmas when it comes to finding a perfect space for them. So go on let’s BASKET IT.

1. Fusion snake charmer basket – John Lewis  (Photography by John Lewis) 2. Braided jut basket – H &M  (Photography by H&M) 3. Seagrass swirl basket – Temple & Webster (Photography by Temple & Webster) 4. Two-tone basket – Zara Home (Photography by Zara Home) 5. Beachcomber wood handle basket – Pottery Barn  (Photography by Pottery Barn) 6. Foldable grass baskets – Temple & Webster (Photography by Temple & Webster) 7. Nordrana baskets – IKEA (Photography by IKEA)

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