September is here in interiors, fashion and everywhere else around us. I know that many of you are worried that summer is over, Christmas stations are already in department stores, days are shorter, evenings are colder… I am not here though to bring us down but focus on the bright and good side of Autumn and there is plenty.

I am very excited about making my home all cosy and ready to give the warmth and relaxation needed over cold months. In my decor calendar, my living room is still an ongoing project (like the rest of the apartment anyway) but it’s one on the top of the list. I have picked some of my favourite items that I have seen so far as magazines, catalogues and shops are filled with Autumn vibes. I will share more with you in the coming weeks and months. As for now, here are my September inspirations from Barker and Stonehouse, one of the best interior shops in London.



To find all above photos, many more and great inspiration please go to:

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