When decorating our homes, we have endless possibilities to choose between; different themes, colours, patterns, textures… which is amazing but on the other hand very intimidating as well. Most of us have a idea of the look we would like to create, getting there can be long but don’t worry as it’s very creative and fun too.

I’ve always thought that I like Scandinavian design and I still do but I realised that I like to look at it more than I would like my home to look like it. I am a cold person by nature (feet, nose – yes I am one of these people), I also live in London where warm days and evenings are rare. You will never see me laying and tanning in the sun but I like to be surrounded by warm colours associated with sun, fire, heat and warmer temperatures.


Starting with neutral flooring, walls, big pieces of furniture and using warmer hues in soft furnishing and decorative items is the best way to not over do this look. Patterns and different textures are also a great way to bring in more interest and fun.

As I’ve mentioned in my posts before I love creating mood boards. I have put together one just for this post to show my style and what inspires me. It’s a small sneak into my home of which I hope to share more and more with you.



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