Our homes say a lot about our personality, taste and who we are. I always thought that wherever you live, you should surround yourself with items that you love, make you smile, remind you of your travels and different periods in your life. Whether you own, rent or only share your living space, you should try to create a home feeling with these little wonders.

No space will ever feel complete without a collection of accessories, decorations, gadgets that you have been collecting along the way. Anything you buy or inherit should feel special to you and might not necessarily be to everyone’s taste or go along with current trends but if it feels like you then hold on to it.

My favourite homes when I search through magazines or online are the ones that tell a story, not with the furniture but with the little things that are on them, walls, bookcases, desks, dining tables etc.

Don’t be afraid to let your little wonders tell the story.




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