Hi Guys!
I’m so excited to share some fitness plans, tips and inspiration with you!

Let’s talk about Abdominal:)

“Flat ABS are made in the Gym and in the KITCHEN!”:) Truth? Truth.
You can work them out every single day and it’ll have very little impact on how they look.
ABS are direct result of clean eats ( like: lean protein, healthy fats, whole food, smart carbs) and of course cardio.
Remember! Nutrition is an important component of staying fit and being active.
You need energy to workout:)

Challenge yourself!

First: Do the Plank test. How to do the perfect Plank? ( Check my video on Instagram) This exercise helps you to bulid strength in your core, upper and lower body. YOU DON’T NEED ANY EQUIPMENT.Good luck!😊

Tomorrow – lunch menu:)




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