Summer is finally here. This amazing feeling when you can wear sleeveless tops, dresses, shorts and actually be warm and not just wearing it because calendar shows it’s July so if not now then when!?! Summer clothes are only half of the fun – think of barbeques, picnics, beer gardens, weekend trips to the beach…, doesn’t it make you smile straight away:)

Remember don’t waste any minute as with our geographical position, sunny days come and go like a wind. Enjoy every second of outdoor season, load your body with vitamin D but responsibly with a sun cream – burns are neither healthy nor classy. I know we are all very busy with our lives but pack a blanket, magazine, healthy snack and whenever you can and find yourself a green spot.

P.S One rule only – phones down, quick photo or two if you really have to but after that just do what you always want to do but never have time for. Relax.


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