In my previous post, I have been talking about keeping all those extra items nicely hidden but today we want the lovely rest to be proudly displayed to tell their own story. I have always been a big fan of bookcases; library style built-in cabinets, free standing shelving units, big and tall or small and compact… What is a better place to keep in sight your beloved possessions, favourite books, presents gathered over the years, inherited items or just all these pretty things that somehow ended up in your home.

If you own your place and can afford a built in bookcase then go for it, as it can truly transform a room and become an impressive focal point. Looking for a free standing option suitable for renters – not a problem as they can easily follow you to another home and are more budget friendly. You can compromise on size and price without giving up on the overall effect. There are plenty of different options. Let’s get inspiration from these lovely homes and display it all.

Photos source from the top – Windsor Smith Home, Marika Meyer Interiors, Windsor Smith Home, Real Simple, Erinn V Design Group, Lonny Magazine



Don’t we all just have too many things in our homes? YES. Would you even notice if some of these would disappear overnight? NO. Is it time to let some go? YES. Start planning, clean up now and make it happen in a few weeks or months time. As for now make sure that all these lovely things are stored neat and tidy without collecting dust or even worse being a hazard to everyone.

How to do that? BASKETS. There are plenty of storage options from wardrobes, sideboards, trunks, under bed storage… but we are not talking about those. We want inexpensive, temporary solutions, something that won’t break your bank and will still work. Baskets are a great way for keeping things together, out of sight if necessary or just right there handy when you need them. You can pretty much have them in every room of your home. Another great thing is that baskets are so easy to move around and they wont’ give you furniture dilemmas when it comes to finding a perfect space for them. So go on let’s BASKET IT.

1. Fusion snake charmer basket – John Lewis  (Photography by John Lewis) 2. Braided jut basket – H &M  (Photography by H&M) 3. Seagrass swirl basket – Temple & Webster (Photography by Temple & Webster) 4. Two-tone basket – Zara Home (Photography by Zara Home) 5. Beachcomber wood handle basket – Pottery Barn  (Photography by Pottery Barn) 6. Foldable grass baskets – Temple & Webster (Photography by Temple & Webster) 7. Nordrana baskets – IKEA (Photography by IKEA)


Hi all, this is a first post in few months. Reason… oh so many but I am glad that I am here again . I have been blogging more or less for the last few years and want to do it more but a lot of the times, life happens and things don’t always work out as planned. I am back now and what’s a better time for a fresh start than a Summer when everything around feels so alive. It feels amazing to spend time outdoors and being surrounded by bright colours everywhere. The season is just starting but sales are already on which means we can redecorate and update own homes even with the a very small budget. Here are some of my pics but there is a lot more to browse through so enjoy sale season.

Follow the links below for prices and more info. Images: Houseology, Maisonsudmonde, Potterybarn, Zarahome.






September is here in interiors, fashion and everywhere else around us. I know that many of you are worried that summer is over, Christmas stations are already in department stores, days are shorter, evenings are colder… I am not here though to bring us down but focus on the bright and good side of Autumn and there is plenty.

I am very excited about making my home all cosy and ready to give the warmth and relaxation needed over cold months. In my decor calendar, my living room is still an ongoing project (like the rest of the apartment anyway) but it’s one on the top of the list. I have picked some of my favourite items that I have seen so far as magazines, catalogues and shops are filled with Autumn vibes. I will share more with you in the coming weeks and months. As for now, here are my September inspirations from Barker and Stonehouse, one of the best interior shops in London.



To find all above photos, many more and great inspiration please go to:


When decorating our homes, we have endless possibilities to choose between; different themes, colours, patterns, textures… which is amazing but on the other hand very intimidating as well. Most of us have a idea of the look we would like to create, getting there can be long but don’t worry as it’s very creative and fun too.

I’ve always thought that I like Scandinavian design and I still do but I realised that I like to look at it more than I would like my home to look like it. I am a cold person by nature (feet, nose – yes I am one of these people), I also live in London where warm days and evenings are rare. You will never see me laying and tanning in the sun but I like to be surrounded by warm colours associated with sun, fire, heat and warmer temperatures.


Starting with neutral flooring, walls, big pieces of furniture and using warmer hues in soft furnishing and decorative items is the best way to not over do this look. Patterns and different textures are also a great way to bring in more interest and fun.

As I’ve mentioned in my posts before I love creating mood boards. I have put together one just for this post to show my style and what inspires me. It’s a small sneak into my home of which I hope to share more and more with you.