September is here in interiors, fashion and everywhere else around us. I know that many of you are worried that summer is over, Christmas stations are already in department stores, days are shorter, evenings are colder… I am not here though to bring us down but focus on the bright and good side of Autumn and there is plenty.

I am very excited about making my home all cosy and ready to give the warmth and relaxation needed over cold months. In my decor calendar, my living room is still an ongoing project (like the rest of the apartment anyway) but it’s one on the top of the list. I have picked some of my favourite items that I have seen so far as magazines, catalogues and shops are filled with Autumn vibes. I will share more with you in the coming weeks and months. As for now, here are my September inspirations from Barker and Stonehouse, one of the best interior shops in London.



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When decorating our homes, we have endless possibilities to choose between; different themes, colours, patterns, textures… which is amazing but on the other hand very intimidating as well. Most of us have a idea of the look we would like to create, getting there can be long but don’t worry as it’s very creative and fun too.

I’ve always thought that I like Scandinavian design and I still do but I realised that I like to look at it more than I would like my home to look like it. I am a cold person by nature (feet, nose – yes I am one of these people), I also live in London where warm days and evenings are rare. You will never see me laying and tanning in the sun but I like to be surrounded by warm colours associated with sun, fire, heat and warmer temperatures.


Starting with neutral flooring, walls, big pieces of furniture and using warmer hues in soft furnishing and decorative items is the best way to not over do this look. Patterns and different textures are also a great way to bring in more interest and fun.

As I’ve mentioned in my posts before I love creating mood boards. I have put together one just for this post to show my style and what inspires me. It’s a small sneak into my home of which I hope to share more and more with you.





Our homes say a lot about our personality, taste and who we are. I always thought that wherever you live, you should surround yourself with items that you love, make you smile, remind you of your travels and different periods in your life. Whether you own, rent or only share your living space, you should try to create a home feeling with these little wonders.

No space will ever feel complete without a collection of accessories, decorations, gadgets that you have been collecting along the way. Anything you buy or inherit should feel special to you and might not necessarily be to everyone’s taste or go along with current trends but if it feels like you then hold on to it.

My favourite homes when I search through magazines or online are the ones that tell a story, not with the furniture but with the little things that are on them, walls, bookcases, desks, dining tables etc.

Don’t be afraid to let your little wonders tell the story.




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Hi Guys!
I’m so excited to share some fitness plans, tips and inspiration with you!

Let’s talk about Abdominal:)

“Flat ABS are made in the Gym and in the KITCHEN!”:) Truth? Truth.
You can work them out every single day and it’ll have very little impact on how they look.
ABS are direct result of clean eats ( like: lean protein, healthy fats, whole food, smart carbs) and of course cardio.
Remember! Nutrition is an important component of staying fit and being active.
You need energy to workout:)

Challenge yourself!

First: Do the Plank test. How to do the perfect Plank? ( Check my video on Instagram) This exercise helps you to bulid strength in your core, upper and lower body. YOU DON’T NEED ANY EQUIPMENT.Good luck!😊

Tomorrow – lunch menu:)






Summer is finally here. This amazing feeling when you can wear sleeveless tops, dresses, shorts and actually be warm and not just wearing it because calendar shows it’s July so if not now then when!?! Summer clothes are only half of the fun – think of barbeques, picnics, beer gardens, weekend trips to the beach…, doesn’t it make you smile straight away:)

Remember don’t waste any minute as with our geographical position, sunny days come and go like a wind. Enjoy every second of outdoor season, load your body with vitamin D but responsibly with a sun cream – burns are neither healthy nor classy. I know we are all very busy with our lives but pack a blanket, magazine, healthy snack and whenever you can and find yourself a green spot.

P.S One rule only – phones down, quick photo or two if you really have to but after that just do what you always want to do but never have time for. Relax.


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